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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

KHangMan: test the 4.10 beta or RC release

completed by: Peter G. Netovsky

mentors: Anne-Marie Mahfouf

For this task, you need to know / figure out the following:

Context of this task:

KHangMan is an educational game for KDE:

This task aims to check the list items from and to fill the bottom of the page, doing each test manually in KHangMan


Task Requirements:

The wiki page was started here:

1. Get yourself a KDE techbase Wiki account

2. Run one the latest version  of KHangMan in English language, from  4.10 beta or RC

3. Fill the wiki page

4. Add your name and date and any link to bug reports if you find any problem.

Getting Help:

If you have questions about this task, you can talk to the mentor on the IRC channel #kde-quality on freenode, my nickname is annma

My timezone is Europe/Paris