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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

Create a custom voice navigation speaker for Marble

completed by: kaeyz

mentors: Torsten Rahn, René Küttner, Dennis Nienhüser

Marble has a route guidance mode that can make use of speakers (pre-recorded sound files) to indicate directions. There are some existing ones to download at and instructions to install them at and also instructions how to record a custom voice at Your task is to follow the instructions and speak and record the full set of voices in a language of choice. The aim is to create a high quality voice set. To get best results you might want to consider recording the voice of a different person (e.g. a local radio speaker or someone else who has experience with voice recording). The voice recording should be done for a language + gender (male/female) combination which has not been covered by other speakers yet or where the quality can be improved upon (e.g. German (Female), French (Female or Male), Japanese (Female or Male), Norwegian (Female or Male), Arabic (Female or Male), Hebrew (Female or Male), etc..).
Expected results: A full set of high-quality voice recordings ready for usage in Marble for a specific language.
rerequisites: An installation of Marble 1.2 (KDE 4.7). Can be compiled from source code as well. An installation of Marble on the N900 would be nice, but is not absolutely necessary.