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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

Marble: Test case for KML Ground Overlay

completed by: Mohammed Nafees

mentors: Torsten Rahn, René Küttner, Dennis Nienhüser

Build Marble with support for unit tests and run tests/TestScreenOverlay from the build folder. The output should be similar to this:

********* Start testing of TestScreenOverlay *********

Config: Using QTest library 4.8.3, Qt 4.8.3

PASS   : TestScreenOverlay::initTestCase()

QDEBUG : TestScreenOverlay::simpleParseTest() Warning: Unknown units value  "insetpixels"  - falling back to default 'fraction' 

PASS   : TestScreenOverlay::simpleParseTest()

PASS   : TestScreenOverlay::cleanupTestCase()

Totals: 3 passed, 0 failed, 0 skipped

********* Finished testing of TestScreenOverlay *********

Create a similar test for GroundOverlay (see and the examples/kml/ folder in Marble's sources). It's probably a good idea to base it on tests/TestScreenOverlay.cpp and name it tests/TestGroundOverlay.cpp.
Make sure the test is compiled and can be executed. If you encounter any bugs in the GroundOverlay parsing with the help of the test case, either fix them directly or create bug reports at