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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

Amarok: move remaining pages from the old wiki to the new wiki

completed by: Vlad Andrew

mentors: Edward "hades" Toroshchin, Myriam Schweingruber

Amarok long had it's own server and recently decided to move to the KDE infrastructure. This also mean moving all existing and relevant documentation to the KDE wiki. While this is already done for the handbook and user relevant pages, there is still much to move to the location. 

The old wiki location is currently blocked for new user accounts so the student will have to copy the content and paste it with a good mediawiki formatting in a sub-page of the new location.

Old wiki location:

Please look at the "Special pages" section in that wiki to find the existing pages, in particular the "Uncategorized pages" and in the "Categories".

New target location:

There already is a new landing page with 6 different sections: -> Informations needed to get Amarok installed for the end user. All pages in this section should have the tags [[Category:Amarok]] and [[Category:GettingStarted]] -> Amarok developer and user contributed content, events, blog links, etc. All pages in this section should have the tags  [[Category:Amarok]] and [[Category:Community]]

User Guides, redirecting to -> All content relevant to current Amarok development. All pages in this section should have the tags  [[Category:Amarok]] and [[Category:Development]], currently redirecting to the old wiki location -> Developer and user contributed proposals. All pages in this section should have the tags  [[Category:Amarok]] and [[Category:Proposals]] -> All pages not currently relevant anymore, either for the 1.x series or for versions older than 2.6. These pages need to be referenced in the main archive page, but should not contain any tags to avoid confusion for the translators.

The student needs to make new sub-pages in these sections to organize the content, as well as link these new subpages in the relevant sections.

It is possible that the old wiki contains spam pages, these should not be moved, of course, but a link should be provided in the upload document so the page can be erased.

Also there are quite a lot of translated pages: we do not move these, as the translations are often incomplete and outdated.


The Community wiki has the same rules as the Userbase wiki, so you can refer to this document: for page editing and creating.

Mediawiki markup help -> you can find some hints here: and of course here:


A recent Amarok 2.6 or git version to be able to identify relevant content and update it if necessary to reflect the latest version

Mediawiki editing knowledge, logic thinking, able to create a hierarchic documentation structure. User account on

Task completion:

A document listing and linking the old and new URLs, with details of eventual updates in the content, uploaded in the *.ods spreadsheet format. 30 pages should be moved and documented. Page updating and spam referencing doesn't count as "one page moved".

Please double-check the following:

  • missing tags
  • missing text preceding the page menu
  • page formatting
  • list spam pages you found, don't move them!
  • Carefully check if the page is not already moved to avoid duplicates!
Contact details:

If you are interested in this task, please contact Mamarok  in #rokymotion on I am in the UTC+1 timezone.