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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

KLettres: fix KLettres code checker issues

completed by: Mohammed Nafees

mentors: Anne-Marie Mahfouf

KDE runs a tool that checks code for common potential errors or provides recommendations on make code cleaner.

You can find the issues for KDE KLettres here: EBN Krazy Issues for KLettres

The task is to fix all these errors and submit them as a review request for group "kdeedu" on KDE Review Board


Build the code, correct the erros as indicated on the Krazy page, rebuild the code, send the diff to the reviewboard.


My nickname is annma and I am available on IRC, Freenode network and #kde-soc and #kdeedu channels. You can also ask questions in #kde-devel

My timezone is Europe/Paris