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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

Marble: Invoke WebPopupItem instead of PlacemarkInfoDialog whenever the Placemark's role is empty.

completed by: Illya Kovalevskyy

mentors: Torsten Rahn, René Küttner, Dennis Nienhüser

Currently inside MarbleWidgetPopupMenu.cpp the PlacemarkInfoDialog is shown and filled with content once the user clicks on a city. The PlacemarkInfoDialog assumes a special Marble-specific KML element to be available in the KML file: the role.

In this task the behavior should change for all the Placemarks that don't have a role defined (= role is empty):

The WebpopupItem should be invoked instead of the PlacemarkInfoDialog and the WebpopupItem should be filled with the description of the Placemark.

For an example of such a KML file see the KML file at the bottom of:

which has a flickr photo embedded into the description of a Placemark inside a kml snippet.