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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

Amarok: create testing instructions for Amarok on Windows

completed by: Vlad Andrew

mentors: Myriam Schweingruber

Amarok not only runs on Linux but also on Windows. While there are testing instructions for the Linux version, we lack a comprehensive testing framework for the Windows version.

The student should install the latest Windows version of Amarok and create a wiki page with testing instructions, similar to the existing one for Linux: 

A *.ods *.pdf or *.odt file should be uploaded containing the wiki page source, the new wiki page should be created here:


The student must be able to follow clear written instructions, have a logical way of thinking. Must be able to test software independently after a short introduction

See also:

If you are interested in this task, please get in touch with me in #amarok on, my nick is Mamarok. I am in timezone UTC+1