GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2012 KDE

Test Plasma Transfert Indicator

completed by: Pogacean Victor

mentors: Anne-Marie Mahfouf


- Compulsory: install KDE 4.10 beta 1 or newer KDE from your Linux distribution (you need Linux) See

- open a KDE bugzilla account in order to be able to submit bug reports.



Try and copy some large files and play with the transfer indicator.Try to find various ways to test it: moving it, testing several transferts, ... Think of what you would expect and analyse what happens, is it what you expect.

Write a simple text file reporting your actions (transfert.txt) and note any bug report links you submitted.



My nickname is annma and I am available on IRC, Freenode network and #kde-quality channel.

My timezone is Europe/Paris