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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

Amarok: test if old bug reports are still reproducible

completed by: MinSik CHO

mentors: Edward "hades" Toroshchin, Myriam Schweingruber

Amarok has quite a few open bug reports, but some are not for the latest stable version.

Try reproducing the bugs listed here:

with Amarok 2.6.0 or the Amarok 2.6-git version. Comment on the bug whether you can confirm it for 2.6-git or if it is not reproducible. 

The command 'git describe' will tell you the exact git version you use, please specify this version in your comment in the bug.

The task is complete when 30 bugs are tested. Please report your findings in a spreadsheet.


The student must be able to reproduce a step-by-step instruction given in a bug report.


To build the Amarok development version from git, follow this guide: 


If you are interested in this task, please get in touch with us, Myriam, nick Mamarok or Edward, nick dr_lepper, in #amarok on We are in the UTC+1 time zone, so be patient if you do not get an immediate answer.