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Plasma Active: Proofreading Handbook for PA and upgrade it to qualified english

completed by: ctaka7

mentors: Sascha Manns

Proofreading the english handbook, check spelling, grammar syntax, typos and so on. Because it's written by a non english native speaker.

The Handbook is placed there: It's written in XML/DocBook.

You have to check all insinde the <title>, <para> and the lists.

You can help in one of the two ways:

* Register yourself on Sourceforge and send me your Username and you can write directly in the Sources. As Version Controlling System we using there a SVN instance by Sourceforge. This one is the best and prefered way.

* or you can create a Textdocument (TXT, ODT or DOC) where you describe the changes. The best is to paste the "old" paragraph in that document and write on the top "before". And in a next paragraph in the Textdocument a "after" Section. Then i can easy check what's changed.

If you are interested in learning DocBook i can mentor you in this. :-)

The open Tickets for this Task you can finde there:


For hacking the Code you can use any XML Edirot like:

* XML Mind or

* Serna free