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Marble: Create placemarks for Io

completed by: Mohammed Nafees

mentors: Torsten Rahn, René Küttner, Dennis Nienhüser

Marble can visualize maps of the earth as well as for other planets. So far we only offer maps for Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and the Moon. But there is also some map material available for Jupiter and Saturn Moons.

In a former task, a map for the juper moon Io has been created. However, no placemarks have been added yet.

Your task is to create placemarks for Io. You can download them (for example) here:

Planetary Names USGS

Inside the marble source code you'll find a conversion script that already worked for data of this website. The script might need to be updated to work properly. 

The data, the conversion script creates, should allow Marble to display places on the map of Io. The symbols for each item on the map have to match the symbols in the legend.

At the end of the task the student needs to verify whether the data displayed is consistent with other sources on the internet.

So far no space probe has landed on Io. So there are no landing missions to be displayed.

The expected result of this task is a full blown map of Io displayed in Marble that uses the proper symbols for all surface features.  The placemarks need to be provided in a way so that it can be added to the map package (which then is uploaded to Marble's GHNS server).

You can see other Marble maps as an example.