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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

KStars: Quality Assurance for the Quality Assurance List [Iteration #2]

completed by: Kyle Morris

mentors: Akarsh Simha

For this task, you need to know / figure out the following:


  • How to edit a Wiki
  • Basic English
  • How to use git to get the latest version of a KDE project
  • How to build a typical KDE project from source.




Context of this task:


KStars is an astronomy program for KDE:


We have a really old quality assurance checklist — a list of things to be checked before we make a release of KStars:


But there have been many changes in KStars after that list was made. The list has not been kept updated. For instance, the menu items have changed and been moved around.


This task aims to help improve the quality assurance checklist for KStars.



Task Requirements:


For starters, we've made a copy of the list over here, so it can be edited to make it current:


1. Get yourself a KDE techbase Wiki account


2. Run the latest developmental version (git master) of KStars in English language, built from sources. Here's some help on how to do that:


3. Find at least 10 new / changed menu items / features / testable aspects of KStars and add them to the quality assurance list. Make sure to respect the formatting and the style set by the QA list page on the Wiki. All descriptions should be in English with correct spelling. If you submit corrections / changes to menu items, they should be better than simple rewording or spelling fixes.



Getting Help:


If you have questions about this task, you can talk to the mentors on the IRC channel #kde-kstars on freenode.


Also, you can mail the mentor at akarsh at kde dot org

The mentor's time zone is Central Standard Time, but he stays up late into the night.