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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

ownCloud: Move user/admin documentation from Wordpress to the GitHub Infrastructure

completed by: Shlok

mentors: Daniel Molkentin

The student is asked to move ownCloud developer documentation from WordPress to the GitHub infrastructure, checking for outdated information along the way.

The ultimate goal is to deliver a coherent, structured, up-to-date and maintainable documentation for the ownCloud server.

This task requires learning reStructuredText. Applicants should be confident with editing and restructuring text that has been written by other people, amending it, checking for spelling as well as grammar errors.

The content that is subject to migration is currently located at

Access to the WordPress instance can be made available upon request. The target repository is at

The student should be familiar with Git and/or Github. Texts can be edited in place using GitHub (check this page for an example), but can also be edited and previewed locally, if preferred. This requires setting up Python and Sphinx.

The resulting documentation is automatically uploaded to the ownCloud documentation page.

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