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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

Amarok: Reorganize wiki in its new location

completed by: Kyle Morris

mentors: Edward "hades" Toroshchin, Myriam Schweingruber

Amarok is changing the location of its wiki and also needs to reorganize its wiki structure. Previously everything was in the same wiki, now we are moving to the 3 wiki site of KDE: Techbase, Community and Userbase.

The existing pages need to be checked for consistency and moved to their new location after having made a structure plan.


The student should be able to grasp large sets of data and be able to organize these in a logical manner. Some basic mediawiki editing knowledge is a plus.



If you are interested in this task, please get in touch with us in #rokymotion on, the nicks are "dr_lepper" and "Mamarok". We are in UTC+1 time zone, so be patient if you do not get an immediate answer.

The uploaded work should be a spreadsheet documenting the work with links to the pages the student has worked on.