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Bitfighter: Implement /announce command

completed by: Donny Mitsov

mentors: watusimoto, raptor

Remember to join our IRC channel when working on this task! We are on #bitfighter at We are friendly!

Your task

Implement an /announce command. It would run in-game, like other /commands. It would only be available to admins. /announce would work basically add a red-colored chat message into the chat stream, but it would stick around longer (say, 10 seconds). The announce message would be rendered at the bottom of the chat window, and the number of chat messages displayed would be reduced to accommodate the new message. There will only be one /announcement at a time; if a second comes in while the first is still being displayed, the second will replace the first. Command will also need to be included in the game instructions.

There are other /commands that can be used as a model. This task is of moderate difficulty.