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Wesnoth: Generalize Micro AIs - Forest Animals and Swarm

completed by: Martin Bede

mentors: Alarantalara, mattsc, Nils Kneuper

A number of Wesnoth AIs have recently been converted to Micro AIs, including the 'Forest Animals' and 'Swarm' AIs. The behavior of these AIs is still too specialized for a general Micro AI. The goal of this task is therefore to make them more generally useful by adding parameters to the [micro_ai] tag.

Add the following free parameters to the 'Forest Animals' Micro AI: the units of the different types of animals (defined by Standard Unit Filters), the number of rabbits to be placed on the map, the distance from enemies for which the rabbits disappear into their holes, a condition for the items (images) that define the locations of the rabbit holes, and the terrain the different animal types move one (defined by Standard Location Filters).

Add the following free parameters to the 'Swarm' Micro AI: radius=, vision_radius= and min_distance= as they are used in the Swarm engine code.

The task is completed when the AIs have been generalized as per the steps above and this has been documented on the Wesnoth wiki.

Documentation about Micro AIs in general and about the previous GCI Micro AI tasks are available on the Wesnoth wiki.