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UH: Icons unified

completed by: Nikolay Kotsev

mentors: Chris Oelmueller, stubb, nihathrael

Unknown Horizons

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We're currently showing small images (icons) in our build menu to indicate what kind of building you will be able to construct after clicking on the buttons. Most of those buildings are so-called production buildings, i.e. they produce goods. This production is also visible in the overview tab (which is displayed after selecting buildings) and we use icons for resources here, too.

Mostly, players are interested in exactly that: They are looking for a certain building that will provide one specific resource. Thus, we want to use the icons of output resources as build menu icon for each building where this is applicable and not confusing.

Your task: Assemble a list of buildings in all our currently four tiers where the build menu icon does not match the icon of the main resource produced there. Should there be multiple resource productions (such as at the farm), an own icon is fine. If you're looking for a bonus task, you can also try to actually replace some of those offending icons on your own!

Ticket 750