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Wesnoth: Micro AI 'Lurkers' Step 2

completed by: gh0st

mentors: Alarantalara, mattsc, Nils Kneuper

In a previous task (Micro AI 'Lurkers' Step 1), a basic scenario-specific Micro AI 'Lurkers' was created. The goal of this task is to generalize this Micro AI so as to make it usable in an arbitrary scenario. This is done by adding new parameters to the [micro_ai] tag that let the user customize the AI behavior. Some generalization of the AI engine code itself is also required.

This task requires task Micro AI 'Lurkers' Step 1 to be completed first.

Examples of two micro AIs already exist and can be used as models for this task. Documentation about Micro AIs in general and detailed instructions for this task are available on the Wesnoth wiki.