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PySoy: Debug SVG Texture

completed by: Liam Edwards-Playne

mentors: Amaury Medeiros, Arc Riley, Tony Young, David Czech, Mayank Singh

Very recently code to render a SVG image was added to soy.textures.Texture, however, this does not work and instead crashes the engine.

Many examples can be found on the web for using librsvg to load and render a SVG file to a Cairo surface. The segfault happens while the vector graphic is being rendered, indicating the problem could be in how we create the Cairo surface or context.

Fix the bug, write a small example which demonstrates loading a SVG file, and enjoy the glory of being the developer to add this important feature to our engine!

While working on this task you should join and remain in #PySoy on Freenode to get help, feedback, and guidance from mentors and other developers. Code updates which may affect your work are also announced here as they happen.

As you complete each piece of this task (the code compiles), commit your work and post the resulting changeset url to this task. Remember to hg pull -u often and before every commit to minimize change conflicts.