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Hedgewars: Abstract Hedgewars dialogs

completed by: Drew Gottlieb

mentors: Andrey Korotaev, Xeli, koda

Remember to join our IRC channel when working on this task! We are on #hedgewars at If you are new to IRC, read this tutorial from a past GCI participant.

Your task

In our GUI we use several lines of to make a pop up window appear. This implementation can be ok but it is not tidy and resilient to errors. Your task it to create subclass of QtDialog, to customize it to our needs and then clean up every file where a standard QtDialaog is used.

A good example is the ShowErrorMessage() class function in QTfrontend/hwform.cpp, whereas instead of class function you have to use a full blown class.


A working patch, that applies cleanly to our source tree. This patch should be in the form of a pull from clone, hg export or unified diff format (in order of preference) implementing the functionality required.