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Hedgewars: Improve game configuration widget

completed by: Drew Gottlieb

mentors: Andrey Korotaev, Xeli, Sheepy, koda

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Your task

Hedgewars matches are highly configurable, as you'd know by now! However the way to access them is a little bit complex and the GUI has never been updated to reflect the new way of playing. As you can see from QTfrontend/ui/page/pagenettype.cpp the selection of maps, missions, drawings, and everything else is all crammed in a drop-down menu.

Break the drop-down menu and move everything outside it! You should use either tabs or special widgets to only show the pertaining option of each game mode. So for example there should be Static Map, Random Map, Maze Map, Mission and Drawn Maps that each activate the list of static map, the size of the map, the size of the maze, the list of missions, the button to open the canvas, respectively.


A working patch, that applies cleanly to our source tree. This patch should be in the form of a pull from clone, hg export or unified diff format (in order of preference) implementing the functionality required.