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Hedgewars: Automatic translation tool

completed by: Simone

mentors: koda, Andrey Korotaev, Xeli, Sheepy


Remember to join our IRC channel when working on this task! We are on #hedgewars at If you are new to IRC, read this tutorial from a past GCI participant.

Your task

Write a simple shell script (bash, ruby, perl, python, awk...) to update the localization strings for iOS and propagate the diff to all the localized files. This task doesn't require coding or having an i-Device, just basic shell scripting.

One possible implementation could be to run the iOS tools fresh each time and apply them to the old ones a merge and make a few lines of shell script adding/updating any undefined lines from the fresh iOS generation.

Something similar has been done for Lua, see this script description as an example.


A working patch, that applies cleanly to our source tree. This patch should be in the form of a pull from clone, hg export or unified diff format (in order of preference) implementing the functionality required.