GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2012 BRL-CAD

Set up BRL-CAD for continuous integration within Jenkins

completed by: Skriptkid

mentors: Sean

Another GCI task installed and set up the Jenkins continuous integration system for us to use. That's a system for compiling software over and over to detect quickly when changes are introduced that break either compilation or run-time behavior.

This task involves continuing that work and getting BRL-CAD properly set up within Jenkins.  The details are outlined here:

The previous GCI task is here:

Since this task requires access to one of our production servers, you MUST be comfortable using a command-line (BSD/Linux/UNIX) and working on a server remotely via SSH.  Join IRC and contact 'brlcad' to get an account established for working on this task.

You should also be familiar with:


You'll keep a log of everything you do and submit that here for the task in addition to setting up the various jobs within Jenkins.