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Google Code-in 2012 BRL-CAD

Move comments from source to header files ... move LIBWDB comments

completed by: Skriptkid

mentors: Sean

There are approximately 60 public API comments in LIBWDB files. This will find most of them:

grep -n -r -E '^/\*\*' src/libwdb | grep -v svn | grep -v '\*\*\*' | grep -v '@' 

ONLY move comments that have a corresponding WDB_EXPORT declaration in the include/wdb.h header AND stub in placeholder /** */ comments for any declarations in the header still lacking a comment block. ALSO, remove any 'F U N C T I O N' names that are spaced out from the comments.

Note that this task is slightly different from the other comment-moving tasks.  You have to clean up the comments while you move them because there are so few.


  • include/wdb.h
  • src/libwdb/*.c