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Google Code-in 2012 BRL-CAD

Create a technical screenshot

completed by: Osaze

mentors: Sean

Everyone loves to see screenshots of software in action. We use screenshots in our marketing and outreach. See some of the examples below that we already have.

Create an awesome screenshot of either mged or archer. It should be graphically interesting, show wireframe and/or raytraced geometry and give some sense of capability.  The emphasis should be on making a screenshot intended for a highly technical audience.  As such, you should have a reasonably high-resolution screen.

I suggest enabling a quad-view, using rt+rtedge in one of them and using rtedge in others.  Join us on IRC to get help on how to do that or read our manual pages.


Note that we have several screenshot tasks.  Note you may have to go through some or our basic MGED tutorials (see docs section on our website) just to be able to display geometry.  Finally, give others a chance if you already completed one of the other screenshot tasks. ;)