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Google Code-in 2012 BRL-CAD

Model a "D" using BRL-CAD

completed by: Richard Akira Heru

mentors: Sean

Create an uppercase letter "D" geometry model using BRL-CAD. You can use the mged or archer geometry editor tools or write a script. The model should be roughly 1000mm tall, about 500mm wide, and about 100mm deep. Create it using CSG or other methods, but it cannot be an imported model, polygonal mesh (BOT, NMG), or extruded bitmap (EBM).

It should be free of modeling errors (no overlaps, run "rtcheck" to verify). It should have interesting shader properties set (suggest stack+plastic+texture), default shader will not be accepted. Provide the .g geometry file and a 1024x1024 rendering at a "ae 35 25" view to show what it looks like.