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NURBS BibTeX reference file

completed by: Dr Coconut

mentors: Sean

BRL-CAD maintains a bibliography file that keeps track of published articles and reports pertaining to BRL-CAD, but it would be useful to have similar files that keep track of other topics. There are commonly two ways to create and maintain a .bib file. One way is manually (using any text editor) and the other is using a GUI such as JabRef. The rule of thumb is generally to use the text editor approach when building a .bib file of references that are pre-packaged (such as those often provided by publishers of journal articles) and to use a tool like JabRef when you have to create the entire entry from scratch.

This task involves creating a NURBS.bib file that documents BRL-CAD's various paper references contained in the bibliographics of the following papers (include these papers and what they reference):

Practical Ray Tracing of Trimmed NURBS Surfaces

Direct and Fast Ray Tracing of NURBS Surfaces

Watertight Trimmed NURBS

The best route is probably assembly of pre-existing .bib entries from either the citeseerx website or from the sites of the journal actually publishing the article.



  • doc/NURBS.bib