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Google Code-in 2012 BRL-CAD

cmake case cleanup

completed by: javamonn

mentors: Sean

BRL-CAD uses the CMake build system.  With that system, our build logic is defined by a lot of script code spread throughout our repository in .cmake files.  The syntax of the script files is case insensitive, but we have an inconsistent use of uppercase and lowercase throughout.

This task involves updating our script code to make the logic and macro names be all lowercase.  Do not make the variables lowercase.




  • all CMakeLists.txt files
  • all *.cmake files

This should find most:

find . \( -name \*.cmake -o -name CMakeLists.txt \)

Changes will be submitted as a single patch file with all changes.  Be sure to compile successfully before and after to make sure you preserve behavior.  See on getting started.