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Google Code-in 2012 BRL-CAD

Remove (void) before sscanf/scanf/fprintf/printf/bu_log function calls

completed by: reikaze

mentors: Sean, Daniel Rossberg

BRL-CAD is a huge codebase with a lot of history.  At one point back in time, it was common practice (and even necessary) to cast C function call return values to (void) to indicate that we're not using them:

(void)printf("hello world\n");

This task involves finding all of the undocumented instances throughout our code where that (void) marker precedes a call to sscanf(), scanf(), fprintf(), printf(), or bu_log().  Do not remove (void) if there's a comment near that statement that indicates it is required.

This task will touch hundreds of files throughout the source tree, so be very careful if you write a script to help automate the work.   You should still manually inspect the svn diff before submitting your patch file to make sure there are not any erroneous changes.

Your patch MUST apply cleanly so be sure you have a recent trunk source checkout.  See these for help: