GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2012 BRL-CAD

Set up Jenkins continuous integration for BRL-CAD

completed by: Moin Nadeem

mentors: Sean

Jenkins is a continuous integration (CI) system.  CI systems are used to continuously test software so that failures can be detected, reported, and ultimately fixed quickly.  BRL-CAD would like to have several CI systems set up to evaluate their usefulness for our open source community.

This task involves setting up Jenkins for BRL-CAD.  At a minimum, Jenkins should be set up to test our configuration (cmake), compilation (make), distribution viability (make distcheck), performance (make benchmark), regression (make regress), and unit test status (make test).

You will also be required to document your progress installing and setting up Jenkins on our wiki ( including all steps you take.

As this task requires accessing one of our development servers over SSH, you need to be comfortable working on a unix command line.  Contact 'brlcad' in our IRC channel to get set up after claiming this task.