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Google Code-in 2012 Apertium

Find missing chemical elements in Spanish-Catalan pair

completed by: Michael Mullen

mentors: Youssef Oualmakran

Check in the pair Spanish-Catalan (apertium-es-ca), the name of the 118 chemical elements that are not present in either Spanish or Catalan, or both. Create a text document with the following information.

- list of the 118 elements in Spanish in alphabetical order. Eg. "actinio aluminio .... yodo zinc"
- list of the 118 elements in Catalan in alphabetical order. Eg. "actini alumini ... zinc zirconi"
Then for each missing elements, indicate:
- the name
- the atomic number
- if missing in Spanish
- if missing in Catalan
Here are two links that can help yo (hint: you can order alphabetically by clicking on "nom" in the table title)

You can use the online interface to test the missing words missing words are preceded by an asterix * (do not forget to check that option)