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Google Code-in 2011 openSUSE Project

Complete the translation .po files in Greek part 8 (update-desktop-files-kde-services)

completed by: George Anastasiou

mentors: Efstathios Iosifidis, Efstathios Agrapidis

openSUSE supports 62 languages (according to the Lokalize it site). It would be nice if every citizen of the world can use openSUSE in his/her language.

Learn how to use translation tools (gtranslator, lokalize, poedit), translate .po files, download and upload the translated files and work with a translation team, improving the localization of the Project.

The files are:




TOTAL: 451

The procedure:

1. Visit our tool Vertaal and register (you can use your google account).

2. Go to Languages>Greek>openSUSE and become member of the team.

3. Add yourself as translator and lock the files.

4. Translate them using your favourite program.

5. Upload them on the site.

6. I review them and give thumbs up for you.

7. Go to next task...

Some dictionaries you can use: