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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Document Kate's Application DBUS API

completed by: Salma Sultana

mentors: T.C. Hollingsworth

Kate's DBus API allows programmers and users to perform tasks in Kate automatically from other programs.  Your task is to document the API.  Documentation has already been automatically generated describing all methods, signals, and properties available in the API, you need only describe what they do.

Kate has several DBus interfaces.  This task only applies to the two that affect the application itself, org.kde.Kate.Application and org.kde.Kate.DocumentManager.  The ones that affect individual documents are defined in another task, while the remainder are shared by all KDE applications and won't be documented by this project.

org.kde.Kate.Application contains 14 methods, 1 property, and 2 signals, while org.kde.Kate.DocumentManager contains just 4 methods.

Expected Results:  complete documentation of the org.kde.Kate.Application and org.kde.Kate.DocumentManager DBus Interfaces, based on the provided automatically generated documentation.

Prerequisites:  a good command of the English language, a working installation of Kate, and knowledge of DocBook.  Programming knowledge isn't really required, but some familiarity with how DBus works is desired.

Resources:  Automatically generated documentation of the DBus interfaces is available for download.  Be sure to read the included README file.