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Google Code-in 2010 Tux4Kids

Reduce size of ogg audio files contributed previously for GCI

completed by: Giannis Konstantinidis

mentors: David Bruce

In a previous task, several nice audio files were contributed for potential use in tuxmath and/or tuxtype:

However, the files are much too big for direct use in our programs.  This task involves two parts:

1. Using a suitable audio editor (Audacity is a good free choice), create a representative sample of the larger file that could be used in the game as perhaps a 30 to 60-second loop.

2. Re-encode the files at the "-q 3" ogg quality setting.  This should reduce the file size by about 50%.  I would do this from the command line with oggdec and oggenc, but you may use whatever frontend you like.