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Google Code-in 2010 Tux4Kids

Create SVG icons for Factoroids power-ups

completed by: smu33rules

mentors: David Bruce

For GCI, we are making Factoroids more interesting by adding collectible power-ups.  These will require some new artwork.  As we have moved to SVG as our preferred image format, please create the images in this format (the leading free program for SVG graphics is Inkscape).

Within the game, the icons will be displayed along the right side of the screen to indicate what powerups are available, similar to how the remaining lives are displayed at the left side.  The planned power-ups are:

1. Stealth Mode - this allows the ship to pass through the asteroids without damage (basically disables collision checking).

2. Shields Mode - this causes the ship to act like an indestructible battering ram, destroying any asteroids it encounters without itself being harmed.

3. Smart Bombs - these will be prime number-specific, causing all asteroids with that prime factor to be simultaneously zapped.  So, there will be a "2 bomb", a "3 bomb", a "5 bomb", and so forth for the first six primes.


It may not be so easy to come up with intuitively obvious images to convey "Stealth" and "Sheilds", but your ideas are welcome.  Just don't put text into the images, for i18n purposes.  It is OK, however, to use the numerals 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, or 13 as part of the smart bomb design.


Also, special images will be needed for the ship to indicate that Stealth Mode or Shields Mode is active.  If you have a better idea for the default ship image, that also is welcome.