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Support right-to-left languages in Tux Typing's "Fish Cascade" game

completed by: Joey

mentors: David Bruce

Tuxtype can display RTL languages (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic) in the menus due to SDL_Pango, but in the game itself the words come out reversed.

This task is to implement RTL support in the Fish Cascade game.

To do so, tuxtype will need to look in each theme's settings.txt file for a new keyword along the lines of "render_right_to_left", or similar.

Then, playgame.c will need to be modified to draw the fish in reverse order for RTL languages.  The code in this part of playgame.c is old, complicated, and difficult to follow IMHO, so it may take some effort to do this in a bug-free fashion.  I think this will be more difficult than the other Tux4Kids coding tasks that have been posted so far.


Please work from the git repository at:

git clone git://