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Google Code-in 2010 Tux4Kids

Animated sprites for TuxHistory (Stone Age Archer)

completed by: Rozhkovsky Boris

mentors: Jesus Manuel Mager Hois

Draw a animated isometric stone age archer with the next characteristics:

  • Separate PNG Images, each of 40x60 pixels.

  • 8 Images of the stone age archer standing in each direction. ()

  • 16 Images (or more if needed) of the stone age archer attacking. Each direction needs 2 sprites to show the animation.

  • All images must be in a GPL compatible license. Use third party non free images, patterns, etc... is strong non permitted.

  • Make a tar.gz tall-bar with the respective license and send it.

We recommend you use a free 3d design program like blender ( to create a mesh. If you make your work with blender or a similar free application please add the mesh to your files.