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Google Code-in 2010 Tux4Kids

Translate a Tux4Kids application to a new (human) language

completed by: Nuklier

mentors: David Bruce

IMPORTANT - due to the "generic" nature of this task, please decide what human language and app you are going to translate, then I will post a specific task for that translation.  Don't just claim the translation task.  This wrinkle was not really foreseen by me, but I think that creating lang/app-specific tasks is the way to go.

David Bruce


TuxType, TuxMath, and TuxPaint are fully internationalized, with translations to dozens of languages.  However, many other languages are still unsupported.

The Tux4Kids progams use GNU gettext for internationalization/localization, which look for a language-specific *.po file for each supported language.  TuxMath and TuxType follow the standard layout for GNU programs, with a po/ directory in the source tree which contains all the *.po files, as well as LINGUAS, which is a list of supported language codes, and the PO template file, e.g. tuxmath.pot.  To create a translation, open the template file with your favorite text editor (or better still, with a dedicated po file editor like KBabel), and supply translations (msgstr) for each of the English-languages strings (msgid), e.g.:

msgid "Hall of Fame"

msgstr "Tableau des scores"


Send the completed po file by email.