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implement openid auth for moin2

completed by: NikitaUtiu

mentors: Alexander Schremmer, ReimarBauer, Thomas Waldmann, Ronny Pfannschmidt



Your task is to do everything needed so that moin users can comfortably log in using openid.



  • you have to implement for moin/2.0-dev
  • check 3rd party offerings

  • custom moin 1.9 code exists (outdated for moin2)
  • implement openid relying party (== the "client" part, not openid server)
    • this might include editing jinja2 templates (for the user interface)
    • might need adding openid to / removing openid from user profile
    • practically test your implementation, discuss it with moin developers
    • can you write a unit test for it
  • document openid usage with moin - for admins and for users

Deliverables: patch or changeset, screenshots (png) how login and user settings look like, wiki page with docs


Skill Requirements

see tags


Note: unless otherwise noted, tasks usually refer to moin2 (!

You can discuss this issue in the MoinMoin wiki: