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item transclusion rendering: add a link to the transcluded item, e.g. as a mouseover

completed by: JordonWii

mentors: Alexander Schremmer, ReimarBauer, Thomas Waldmann, Ronny Pfannschmidt



This tasks improves the userinterface for transcluded rendered items. It adds a navigation element for accessing the transcluded item itself.



If we transclude an item into another one, we currently only know its location by looking at the wiki markup. We need a navigation element for directly accessing the item.

E.g. if on item X (e.g. a wiki markup item) an item Y (e.g. an image item) is embedded (transcluded), the rendering of Y (the image) on X (the wiki page) shall have a mouseover linking to Y (the image item).

This task is somehow similiar to EasyToDo/headlines with anchor links.

You must deliver a patch with your implementation.


Skill Requirements

See tags.


You can discuss this issue in the MoinMoin wiki: