Make NetBSD a music or video player The NetBSD Project
Status: Closed Time to complete: 72 hrs Mentors: Radoslaw Kujawa, Aleksej Saushev, Julian Coleman, Julian Fagir Tags: ui, research

NetBSD could as well serve as a music (mpd) or video player. You have to research which packages are needed for such a use case, and document it in a tutorial.
Ideally, create a pkgsrc meta package including all the dependencies.
Report bugs you find on the way.

Uploaded Work
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mpddoc.odt 23.0 KB December 05 2012 20:53 UTC
mpddoc 2.5 KB December 05 2012 20:58 UTC
mpddoc0 3.7 KB December 06 2012 20:33 UTC
mpddoc1 4.4 KB December 07 2012 21:25 UTC
Pogacean Victor on December 3 2012 16:48 UTC Task Claimed

I would like to work on this task.

Aleksej Saushev on December 3 2012 16:50 UTC Task Assigned

This task has been assigned to Pogacean Victor. You have 72 hours to complete this task, good luck!

Aleksej Saushev on December 4 2012 18:18 UTC Progress?


You're working on the task for a day already. This shouldn't be hard one, thus you should have something working at this point or at least a plan how to do that soon.

If you are stuck, misdirected, or experience problems, we need to get you back on track.

Please, contact us on #netbsd-code so that we could discuss your work.

Aleksej Saushev on December 5 2012 21:26 UTC Deadline extended

The deadline of the task has been extended with 2 days and 0 hours.

Aleksej Saushev on December 7 2012 20:23 UTC Review of mpddoc0

This is good, but there're two things that would be better to change.First, you write "You can create /etc/rc.d script to make netbsd autostart mpd", but why? Doesn't audio/musicpd contain this script?

You omitted instructions wow to make player reboot and get back into operational state after it. But these are important.

Second, you use pkgin, but there's no such tool in NetBSD at that point. Debug your document, e.g. following your own instructions on clear NetBSD system.

Third, doesn't NetBSD contain ftpd already? Why do you install tnftpd package?

Fourth. Please, describe what one can use to control your device. In particular, IIRC, musicpd doesn't list files just copied to directory it considers audio storage.

It seems that user has to install some program in order to control the player. This program might need some configuration. Provide instructions how to setup such a program and get the player working.

Pogacean Victor on December 7 2012 21:34 UTC Ready for review

The work on this task is ready to be reviewed.

Julian Fagir on December 7 2012 21:37 UTC Fine

Thank you! I would argue the editing, but the article seems fine. We will just render it ourselves to markdown.

As you did fine with this documentation task, maybe you want to take up another task? Especially this one could be good for you:

You could write down your experience with configuring the ftpd.

Julian Fagir on December 7 2012 21:37 UTC Task Closed

Congratulations, this task has been completed successfully.