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Status: Closed Time to complete: 72 hrs Mentors: Julian Coleman, Julian Fagir Tags: graphics

NetBSD has several articles that could and are converted to PDF. While the final conversion and its methods is another task, having a nice book layout is necessary.
In this task, you have to research the different styles a NetBSD article would need (i.e., code blocks, other blockquotes, special quotes for commands, for manpages, etc.) and everything around like a front page, the font, etc.
You can deliver the specification either as a Latex style or exactly written with some example images.

Uploaded Work
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book_layout.tar.gz 580.0 KB November 30 2012 19:21 UTC
Krasimir Stoikov on November 28 2012 20:06 UTC Question

So I have to find and describe all used styles? Should I recommend a good style that can be used in the whole book and should I create a book cover?


Julian Fagir on November 28 2012 20:21 UTC Mainly markdown styles


with the used and needed styles, you can orient on what the language Markdown defines (like code blocks, blockquotes, etc.).

Then, you should create design patterns how these should look.

In the end, we want to create a design which can be used for a NetBSD book. Currently, we use the standard Latex styles for articles, but something more playful would be nice. Having e.g. a gray box with round corners around code blocks or so...

So all in all, a style as you would give a wiki, but this one should be used for print (and with a focus on being printed only black-white).

You don't have to create a book cover, but you should create a style for headers, maybe even single pages for chapter titles. 

Regards, Julian 

Gauravjeet Singh on November 29 2012 05:18 UTC Task Claimed

I would like to work on this task.

Gauravjeet Singh on November 29 2012 09:22 UTC Confused.....

In this can i use some colors ??
or do i have to design a complete layout in black,white and shades of gray...

Aleksej Saushev on November 29 2012 09:45 UTC Task Assigned

This task has been assigned to Gauravjeet Singh. You have 72 hours to complete this task, good luck!

Julian Fagir on November 29 2012 11:42 UTC You can use colours


sorry for the confusion. Of course you can use colours. You should just notice having high-contrast colours and not much light-on-dark, such that printing the layout on a black-white printer would lead to useful results which are not expensive to print.

But don't feel bounded by that! If you have a design which is not easily black-white-printable, do it nonetheless. We have to find another way for this then. 

Regards, Julian 

Gauravjeet Singh on November 29 2012 12:46 UTC Thanks

I now decided to make two layouts:-

one will be in black and white

while the other will be in colour 

I am designing the layout in gimp?? its okay or i have to use any other method of doing it.....

Julian Fagir on November 29 2012 13:02 UTC gimp is ok

You don't have to design two, better focus on one.

You can do it in gimp, but you should also specify which kinds of text are used for which markup.

And you should specify things like font size, font type, etc. 

Gauravjeet Singh on November 29 2012 13:28 UTC Gimp file

i will upload a gimp file (.xcf) . From there u can check the font type, size etc.


should i write all things in layout..

but by writing these things layout design may disturb ..

Julian Fagir on November 30 2012 00:37 UTC Maybe both

Hm, maybe better both. On the one hand, upload a gimp file, on the other hand, write a short text with the definitions. Reading out fonts and other specifications from the gimp file might be wrong.

I just saw at another task that an OpenOffice file was opened differently on two different computers (on one, it was one page, on the other one, two). So the non-graphical things should be textual (margins, padding, font size, colour and type, spacing), and the graphical stuff should be provided as an image. 


Gauravjeet Singh on November 30 2012 19:29 UTC Uploaded

I have made book design layout in gimp as decided earlier and uploaded the .xcf files and .png files plus a readme file (that contains specifications) here. I designed the layout based on "The NetBSD Guide" and "pkgsrc guide". I just chose a random chapter that contained all types of content and made the layout depending on that. I hope you like it. Have a look at it, if something needs to be changed, tell me and after you find it ok, I will mark my task as completed. 

Julian Fagir on December 1 2012 01:02 UTC Fine

The layout looks nice! Thank you very much! This task is indeed completed. 

Julian Fagir on December 1 2012 01:05 UTC You have to commit the work

I just see: You have to mark the task as completed, then I can approve it.

Gauravjeet Singh on December 1 2012 01:47 UTC Ready for review

The work on this task is ready to be reviewed.

Julian Fagir on December 1 2012 01:49 UTC Task Closed

Congratulations, this task has been completed successfully.