Create the FreeBSD cheat sheet #1 FreeBSD
Status: Closed Time to complete: 240 hrs Mentors: Wojciech A. Koszek, PÁLI Gábor János Tags: PDF, graphics, cheat sheet, FreeBSD, GIMP

Description of a task

Participant will study other cheatsheets available for popular tools: the VIM editor, the Emacs editor, the GIMP graphics program and others.

Layout for the cheat sheet is up to the participant. The idea of the layout will be coordinated with the mentor. 

Participant will install FreeBSD system in the VirtualBox virtual machine and will accomplish this from the command line. Next, FreeBSD will get configured to be able to communicate easily with the Internet. VM should have SSHD available, so that it's possible to get an access to the VM from the SSH client, from the main system (host).

The whole process will be convered in the cheatsheet. e.g.: if you modify /etc/ssh/sshd_config, sample configuration lines and its parameters must be documented in the cheatsheet.

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Rushil Paul on November 29 2011 22:40 UTC Task Claimed

I would like to work on this task.

PÁLI Gábor János on November 30 2011 16:58 UTC Task Assigned

This task has been assigned to Rushil Paul. You have 240 hours to complete this task, good luck!

Rushil Paul on December 4 2011 19:16 UTC Ready for review

The work on this task is ready to be reviewed.

Wojciech A. Koszek on December 4 2011 19:29 UTC Task Needs More Work

One of the mentors has sent this task back for more work. Talk to the mentor(s) assigned to this task to satisfy the requirements needed to complete this task, submit your work again and mark the task as complete once you re-submit your work.

Wojciech A. Koszek on December 4 2011 19:37 UTC FreeBSD-specific commands


Please include only FreeBSD spefic commands.

You do have an excellent list of commands already. You, in the perfect case, would run the commands from the file on Linux-based VM and see, which commands are undefined. Undefined commands are likely to be FreeBSD-specific programs.

Once you have FreeBSD specific commands, feel free to pick the most important ones. I think the cheatsheet shouldn't be more than 2 A4 pages of text (2 A4 pages of the PDF). So pick the most important ones and the most useful ones that fit on this amount of text.

Please include very brief, 1 line description of what each command does. If the command does something useful, feel free to allocate 1-2 more lines of the cheatsheet and show the common command's usage.


mdconfig                               - description

mdconfig -a -t malloc -s 50m     - description


Rushil Paul on December 7 2011 21:26 UTC Ready for review

The work on this task is ready to be reviewed.

Wojciech A. Koszek on December 7 2011 21:27 UTC Task Closed

Congratulations, this task has been completed successfully.