Implement FreeBSD community portal (FCP1) - login FreeBSD
Status: Closed Time to complete: 240 hrs Mentors: Wojciech A. Koszek, Jakub Klama Tags: WWW, Python, community, portal, FreeBSD, PHP, Ruby

Description of a task

This is a research task. It may or may not be deployed in production systems. No effort has been made to coordinate this task with the FreeBSD Core Team.

Your task is to implement the very basic FreeBSD community portal as a WWW site. The WWW portal will present simple Username/Password login form to the user, and will support logging in from: Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo, Google, MSN.

After logging in, site will present basic user's information fetched from FB/Y!/Google/MSN (Facebook and LinkedIn is required, the rest is optional).

User must create sample Facebook application, so that the functionality is indeed tested in practice. Picking non-FreeBSD app name is adviced. Good Work-In-Progress app name is: "freebsd_gcin".

Technology choice is up to you, but Python/PHP is preferred (Facebook API is in PHP/Python at least). No framework is required to accomplish the task; frameworks aren't prohibited. In case of not using any framework, please follow the MVC design principles. 

Please follow Steve's Krug "Don't make me think" principles as well as Jacob Nielsen's useability rules. In other words: make it as minimalistic and simple as possible.

Uploaded Work
File name/URL File size Date submitted n/a December 04 2011 07:49 UTC
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Nagato Yuki on December 2 2011 21:49 UTC Task Claimed

I would like to work on this task.

Wojciech A. Koszek on December 3 2011 11:34 UTC Task Assigned

This task has been assigned to Nagato Yuki. You have 240 hours to complete this task, good luck!

Wojciech A. Koszek on December 3 2011 11:35 UTC Contact information



We'd like to stay in touch with you over 2 official communication channels:

IRC: #freebsd-soc channel on EFNET

Mail: and (feel free to keep us both posted)




Nagato Yuki on December 4 2011 07:53 UTC Availability?

I've idled in the IRC channel pretty much all today today (UTC-5), but I assume you were occupied all day.

I'd like to submit a rough draft of a site that meets the specifications outlined in this task, but also satisfies the next task's requirements as well.

Nagato Yuki on December 4 2011 07:53 UTC Ready for review

The work on this task is ready to be reviewed.

Wojciech A. Koszek on December 4 2011 11:38 UTC Licensing and demo


I wasn't on IRC yesterday. Sorry.

Uploaded stuff looks excellent!

My suggestion is to provide a license to your source code. License should contain your name, surname, date and the actual license body. Pick the license of your preference, however for FreeBSD, BSD 2-clause license is preferred. If you have FreeBSD system installed, license can be found in /usr/share/examples/etc/bsd-style-copyright. 

Do you think you could make a 1-2 minute video with a presentation on how this looks like/works like in a browser? Just the most trivial screencast with how does the portal look like.

Anyway, with fixed license, this stuff will be accepted.



Wojciech A. Koszek on December 4 2011 11:38 UTC Task Needs More Work

One of the mentors has sent this task back for more work. Talk to the mentor(s) assigned to this task to satisfy the requirements needed to complete this task, submit your work again and mark the task as complete once you re-submit your work.

Nagato Yuki on December 4 2011 18:07 UTC Ready for review

The work on this task is ready to be reviewed.

Wojciech A. Koszek on December 4 2011 19:12 UTC Task Closed

Congratulations, this task has been completed successfully.