Fix an issue (medium) OpenIntents
Status: Closed Time to complete: 336 hrs Mentors: Peli, Friedger Müffke, Randy McEoin, Manuel R. Ciosici Tags: Android, Java

The task is to fix one of the issues from the list of issues.

Your solution should consist of a patch (instructions) based on the latest version of the application. If you dont have it yet, you first need to download and install the Android SDK (instructions). Follow these instructions to build OI applications.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Time limit: 14 days
  • Prerequisites: Download the Android SDK (instructions)
  • Requirements for completed entry:
    • IMPORTANT: Ask first whether the issue you want to work on is still available and whether you should choose an easy, medium, or hard task.
    • Send in a patch with your code modifications (instructions).
    • The code must follow our StyleGuide.
    • The code must fix the issue.
    • Depending on the number of stars of the issue, select an easy (1 star), medium (2 stars), or hard (3 or more stars) task.
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Aviral Dasgupta on December 29 2011 08:42 UTC Task Claimed

I would like to work on this task.

Randy McEoin on December 29 2011 19:33 UTC details

Can you elaborate on what you propose to do?  The Notepad, like many apps, uses sqlite3 to store it's data, which it does on internal memory.   The big downside to the SDCARD is that if the phone is attached via USB to a computer, /sdcard is unmounted.   This can be problematic and tricky to deal with.

Aviral Dasgupta on December 29 2011 19:43 UTC ...

What I want to do would be best described as "exporting" all new notes to a user-selected directory on the SD card by default if it's mounted.

Randy McEoin on December 29 2011 20:21 UTC Task Assigned

This task has been assigned to Aviral Dasgupta. You have 336 hours to complete this task, good luck!

Randy McEoin on December 29 2011 20:24 UTC export

I like the term export.   Perhaps an option for "Auto export" to the sdcard with a default of /sdcard/OINotepad/ directory.   Each note is a .txt file.  

I would also assume no auto export of encrypted notes.

Be sure to test out OI Shopping List with it's notes.  I don't think external notes like that should be auto exported.

aap on December 30 2011 00:02 UTC issue is asking for something more like sync

Seems to me that the issue is requesting to treat the sdcard files as primary. One way to meet that goal would be: If the option is set, then on startup we should check the timestamp of each note on the SD card and read any note that has changed since we last wrote it. Then on pause or shutdown of OI Notepad, we should export any note which has been modified during the session.

There would need to be some reliable way of knowing which file on the card corresponds to each note in memory.

Randy's point about OI Shopping List is a good one. To put it a different way, when OI Notepad is launched from OI Shopping List it should ignore this preference and do things the old way. Might want to test what happens when OI Notepad was already running and the user used the Home button, launched OI Shopping List, and edited an item note.


Aviral Dasgupta on December 31 2011 03:21 UTC Idea :)

I have another idea - instead of thinking about it as "exporting" or "sync", let's just simply edit it as an external note, and display it in the notes list by modifying NotesListCursor. When the app starts, it'll scan for .txt files in a preset directory and supply that list to NotesListCursor. How about this approach?

Peli on December 31 2011 14:51 UTC Good idea

Sounds like a good idea to me.

There could be a small SD card icon next to each such note, indicating that it is located on the SD card (similar to the lock for encrypted notes).

I wonder how extensible this is, because once there is the possibility to preset one directory, I'm sure people will ask to preset several directories on the SD card, for text files organized in different folders.

Also, the question is whether to allow for scanning subdirectories (notes stored in Zim for example use a directory structure). 

I guess as a start, as you said, it is simplest to allow for one directory only, without subdirectories, and see how people like this feature. Multiple and recursive directories would then be separate issues. For now the directory could simply be stored as a setting, and later if one needs to store multiple directory locations, this could be converted into a content provider.

The title of such notes would then be the name of the file (instead of the first line of the file).

Aviral Dasgupta on January 8 2012 11:40 UTC Update

I have some code written for this task already, however I have exams and I don't think that I'll be able to finish completing it before the deadline or before GCI ends, so I'll just submit this separately as a patch after my exams are over :)

Aviral Dasgupta on January 8 2012 11:40 UTC Claim Removed

The claim on this task has been removed, someone else can claim it now.

Billy on January 14 2012 21:16 UTC Task Claimed

I would like to work on this task.

Billy on January 14 2012 21:24 UTC Idea

I plan to fix this issue: 

The current plot for the video is as follows:

After having just received a mobile bank transfer of $1,000,000 on his phone, the CEO of a major corporation's phone is is immediately stolen by the devious person at the bus stop. An epic chase ensues as the CEO runs for his money, but then he realizes he has the protection of OI Safe for his bank account password and ends the chase. The thief unaware thinks he has emerged victorious, and encounters a nasty surprise, and the day is saved thanks to OI Safe.  

Peli on January 14 2012 21:25 UTC Issue 499: OI Safe: Video

This issue is about creating a video:

(see the previous discussion)

Peli on January 14 2012 21:25 UTC Task Assigned

This task has been assigned to Billy. You have 336 hours to complete this task, good luck!

Billy on January 15 2012 05:09 UTC Ready for review

The work on this task is ready to be reviewed.

Peli on January 15 2012 07:22 UTC Excellent

This one's funny :-)

The video is available here:

Inclusion in Market and a Google+ post follow after a week or so, because there was just the Flashlight video.

What's the next video you want to do?

Peli on January 15 2012 07:22 UTC Task Closed

Congratulations, this task has been completed successfully.

Billy on January 15 2012 14:50 UTC Next Task

The next task I'm planning on doing is OI Countdown

Peli on January 15 2012 15:58 UTC Issue 500

This seems to me what you are looking for: