Add a description about the source TinderBox to the FreeBSD developers handbook based on content from a wiki page FreeBSD
Status: Closed Time to complete: 120 hrs Mentors: Dag-Erling Smørgrav, Glen Barber Tags: documentation, FreeBSD, DocBook, SGML

Description of task

The source tinderbox is a set of scripts that automates the checkout of the latest sources from the FreeBSD repository, the compilation of the sources, creating build logs and monitoring individual tinderbox instances. In order to expose more developers to tinderbox' functionality, it needs to be documented in the FreeBSD developers handbook. A wiki page has details on tinderbox and is available here:

To complete the task, the information from that wiki page need to be put into the developers handbook along with examples and/or descriptive text that shows what tinderbox is capable of. The new content needs to conform to our documentation code style guidelines as outlined in the Documentation Project Primer for New Committers (see below).

Task requires: 

A FreeBSD system (in a VirtualBox Virtual Machine) installed on your computer. 
Knowledge of the documentation guidelines for the FreeBSD project:
Check out a copy of the documentation tree from the documentation repository to get the source code for the chapter

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devs-tinderbox2.diff 10.2 KB January 05 2012 16:44 UTC
issyl0 on January 4 2012 18:47 UTC Task Claimed

I would like to work on this task.

Glen Barber on January 4 2012 19:17 UTC Task Assigned

This task has been assigned to issyl0. You have 120 hours to complete this task, good luck!

issyl0 on January 5 2012 16:45 UTC Ready for review

The work on this task is ready to be reviewed.

Glen Barber on January 5 2012 21:36 UTC Task reviewed

Hi Isabell,

Your patch builds fine, and looks good.  Nice job!

We'll double-check the whitespace in the patch before incorporating this into the Developer's Handbook.

I'll mark this task as "completed."



Glen Barber on January 5 2012 21:36 UTC Task Closed

Congratulations, this task has been completed successfully.