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Status: Closed Time to complete: 108 hrs Mentors: Tiffany Antopolski Tags: Sudoku, Mallard, Help, organization
  • Create topic-based help for users of gnome-sudoku (part of gnome-games) (see bug 618342).
  • Review existing topic drafts for usefulness and accuracy (printing, hints, trackers, statistics, bug reporting)
  • Propose topics that you may think would be useful to users
  • Fill in stub pages with user help, and/or write your own from scratch. Existing stubs that need content include introduction, basics, game rules, save-resume, highlighting, notes, toolbar, commandline, and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Expected results: 3-5 or more topics fully documented (and attached to the bug in the form of a git format-patch). Existing topics reviewed and other topics proposed, if need be.
  • Requirements: install gnome-games, understand gnome-sudoku, a good-command of English and ability to write and explain concepts clearly. An understanding of Mallard, gnome bugzilla and Git is a great asset.
  • Steps:
    • Get the current version of the docs from by typing in terminal:
      git clone git://
    • then type:
      cd gnome-games/gnome-sudoku/help/C
    • and then type
    • This enables you to view the current state of the docs using Yelp.
  • Note: The games Mahjongg (see bug 618344) and gnomine are also candidates for Mallard documentation. At the moment, no outline or stubs or anything exists in the Mallard format for these games. If you would like to contribute to these documentation efforts, it would involve writing the docs from scratch. You would learn tonnes! Feel free to contact me and we could discuss it.
Uploaded Work
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0001-sudoku-Added-additional-documentation.patch 18.4 KB November 27 2011 19:22 UTC
Chris Beiser on November 21 2011 14:37 UTC Task Claimed

I would like to work on this task.

Tiffany Antopolski on November 21 2011 15:11 UTC .

Hi Chris,
Welcome :) Couple of questions:
1. What timezone are you in?
2. Are you familiar with or have you used irc?


Chris Beiser on November 21 2011 15:38 UTC .

I'm in EST, any time between 5pm and 10pm EST today is convenient, or if that's inconvenient, tomorrow at 8.20-9.05am or 10.05-11.35am are both workable.

I'm pretty familiar with IRC. I presume you'd like me to be in #docs on

Tiffany Antopolski on November 21 2011 16:34 UTC ..

great, same time-zone. I am available between 6 and 7 pm tonight, so let's plan on that. Yes, #docs is the place :-) You may also want to join in on #gnome-games. It is a very small channel, but that's where the games developers hang out, so you may find it useful. On irc I am 'mimico', or some variation thereof.



Tiffany Antopolski on November 21 2011 21:00 UTC Task Assigned

This task has been assigned to Chris Beiser. You have 108 hours to complete this task, good luck!

Tiffany Antopolski on November 25 2011 14:53 UTC git formatch-patch info

I don't remember if I provided the link on how to do a git-format patch. In case you need some more info this link could be helpful:


Tiffany Antopolski on November 26 2011 01:15 UTC ...

Hi Chris,

Let me know if you need an extention, and if so, how much time.



Tiffany Antopolski on November 26 2011 02:06 UTC Deadline extended

The deadline of the task has been extended with 0 days and 18 hours.

Melange on November 27 2011 04:04 UTC Initial Deadline passed

Melange has detected that the initial deadline has passed and it has set the task status to ActionNeeded. The student has 24 hours to submit the work before the task is reopened and sent back to the pool for other students to claim.

Chris Beiser on November 27 2011 19:23 UTC Ready for review

The work on this task is ready to be reviewed.

Tiffany Antopolski on November 27 2011 21:48 UTC Patch accepted.

Good work Chris.  I have accepted your patch and pushed it to the master branch of gnome-sudoku.  You can view the it here.

Feel free to visit us at #docs if you are interested in doing any more docs work on other apps of your choosing.


Tiffany Antopolski on November 27 2011 21:48 UTC Task Closed

Congratulations, this task has been completed successfully.